Getting to Dog Bar

  1. Have your GPS take you to the Subway parking lot, that’s the closest entrance to us at the mall. 
  2. Dog Bar is located in a wing on the first floor, walk towards the middle of the mall.
  3. Turn left at Kay Jewelers, and follow your nose past Cinnabon.
  4. Keep walking further into the wing, then you’ll see us!

map to dog bar

Please potty outside before entering the mall, to reduce the amount of potty accidents in our indoor space! 💩
If your dogs are unfamiliar with the mall or tend to bark at unfamiliar things, please text us at (510) 479-0968 and we will escort you through a side entrance that avoids most of the mall. Dogs that bark excessively inside the mall will be asked to leave by mall security, so we can escort you through this other entrance.