Collection: Socials

We have opportunities for your puppies to play with age-appropriate puppies in a safe, professional and educational trainer-supervised environment!

Pet parents will learn how to read dog body language while watching their puppies interact with other puppies, when to intervene in dog play time, and get hands-on practice at how dogs should properly greet each other and practice good manners. Max capacity of 10 dogs per social, so book your social today!

  • Baby Puppies: 5mo and under (two rounds of vaccines required)
  • Teen Puppies: 6-11 months (all vaccines required)

Best Furriends Promo: If you come with your puppy and bring a friend with a puppy, both of you can get a FREE day pass to come play at Dog Bar! Just let us know at the register that you brought a friend!

We look forward to you joining us for this special learning and play experience!